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How is translation cost calculated?

One printed page containing 1800 symbols with spaces is taken as an accounting unit. Final translation cost is calculated by volume of the translated text.

What are the payment conditions?

We offer various payment schemes. When a legal entity makes the first order, we issue an advance invoice, 50%of the invoice cost shall be prepaid. As we know volume of the final translation, we issue the exact invoice cost to be paid.

For individuals, this is a 100% prepayment.

In some cases, letter of indemnity (a letterhead with signature and stamp of the company) can be provided.

Payment issues should be specified individually for proper adjustments.

How fast can you translate?

When estimating an execution period, we account for work speed of translators and editors, whichmakes 6 to 10 and 25 pages/day, respectively. In large orders, we involve a number of translators and editors.

Does the cost depend on complexity and subject of the text?

We mainly use a unified price-list.

However, sometimes highly specialized or urgent translation can affect the cost.

What does the translation cost include?

The translation cost includes translator’s services, basic layout in Word text editor and proof-reading by our editor. Optionally, professional page layout and proof-reading by a native-speaker is provided.

How can you ensure consistent quality of translation for regular customers?

We create glossaries and term bases for each individual customer.

Can you make an urgent translation?

Yes, we can. For this purpose, we involve several translators.

Why cannot you tell the cost at once?

We issue an invoice cost according to volume of the target text. That is why preliminary estimate does not reflect the final text volume, in particularly, if quality of the source document is poor or does not allow calculation of the number of symbols. In addition, European languages are more laconic than Russian/Ukrainian. So, final translation cost is calculated only when the translation is made.

How do you keep confidential?

All documents for translation are not subject to disclosure.